28 mars 2023
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SBK Kelvin – “Turn Around” – Lyrics


Verse 1
Supposed deh hail am, (hu )deh praise am (uh)
No forget say because of me and you them nail am eeh
Them say life no balance, (aah)but I balance (yee)
No be by power or might na Jesu do am yeh
I was once a failure eeh
Looking for a savior eeh
Alherin Yesu Babu woni Kamar sa
Even if I fall down yakata
I go stand up karaka
I put my trust in the lion of the tribe of Judah

Come and sing praise with me
Come on and pray with me
What can I say
He has been there for me
When nobody was with me

He go deh there for you
Carry all the pains for you
Count all your blessings
He has been there for you
When nobody was with you

Let’s hail am
Let’s praise am
Cheer up he’s been good to me
Come on
Let’s hail am
Let’s praise am
Cheer up he’s been good to you

So many good works, it’s marvelous in His eyes
Even if it’s trouble it’s a blessing in disguise
He will never leave me He’s always by my side
I got the victory Na cruise I deh my guy
He will never change thesame today and forever ahh
Now I see the reason my enemies deh catch fever

We go deh together From now till forever
I got joy like a river
living my best of life

Chorus (twice)

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