We Are a New Identity!

« Your name will no longer be Jacob…from now on you will be called Israel. » (Genesis 32:28 NLT)

New I.D. Ministry is much more than an ordinary Christian band. We are a new generation of upcoming men and women dedicated to pursuing our calling in God’s ministry not only in music and in song but through our combined individual gifts bestowed onto us by the Holy Spirit. Our goal isn’t solely to captivate others with our music but with our heart of worship and love for Christ.

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To each member, God has given a purpose and a destiny. Specific plans were preordained for each individual, thus not only were we created in our own uniqueness, likes and dislikes, or even talents, but were instructed tasks that could only be accomplished through individual labour. Together, we rise beyond any spirit of doubt or fear as we embark on a journey to fulfill God’s plans and purposes.

Jacob’s encounter with God is the concept from which our name originates and remains the vision at the forefront of this group. In his time of restoration with Christ, as Jacob wrestled with God he refused to release his hold unless He blessed him. Just as God brought Jacob a new identity, we desire to become a new creation. « Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come » (2 Corinthians 5:17).

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As Jacob did not give up, we will not give up in our fight in becoming new creations. As Paul himself wrote, we must fight with all our strength since God Himself is fighting for us.

We are far from perfect but through our individual encounters with God, we have been changed and hence will never be the same. As God continues to bless us in song and in our ministry, we aspire to bless others and help those attain their new identity.

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Do not give up; a new identity awaits!