5 février, 2023

Terrian – Stayed On Him (Isaiah 26:3) [Official Music Video]

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Terrian – Stayed On Him (Isaiah 26:3) [Official Music Video]


Download or Stream at: http://terrian.lnk.to/genesisof

Directed by Diego Brawn & Gabe Patillo. Edited by Diego Brawn. Filmed on location at Amaile Arena (Tampa, FL). Lighting by Noah Wood. Live audio by Pat Haapanen. Performers: Darren Mulligan, Lindsay Pulliam, GabeReal, Brian Ramey, Loren Clark, Drew Kerxton & Matthew Calloway. Darren Mulligan appears courtesy of Curb/Word.

Written by Terrian Woods, Kyle Williams, Darren Mulligan & Gabe Patillo. Music produced by Kyle Williams & Darren Mulligan. Recorded at Raccoon Room Studios (Spring Hill, TN). All Programming and instrumentation by Kyle Williams. BGVs by Terrian, Darren Mulligan, Gabe Patillo & Kyle Williams. Choir vocals Candise Marshall, Joy Freeman & Shaun Lloyd. Mixed by Luke Fredrickson. Mastered by Ambient Digital.

Proclaim Music - Jesus' Name (Acoustic Version)

Terrian was born and raised in Memphis, TN where she has rooted herself in community and mentorship being part of AngelStreet Memphis. AngelStreet mentors girls through musical training in areas with limited artistic opportunities while empowering the girls to understand their value, discovering their purpose and becoming creative leaders. www.angelstreetmemphis.com

Jow'ell Bombay Feat Nice T - Ta Grace Me Suffit


There’s a world full of mercy and peace 
Mercy and peace, waiting for me 
There’s a land for the lost and the least 
Where they dine with King, waiting for me 
Yeah His holiness fills up the temple 
Still He took my sin and my shame
I didn’t deserve to be rescued 
But still He has called me by name

I’ll stand firm with confidence
Til He comes again, til He comes again
I’ll keep my mind stayed on Him
Til the very end, til the very end
I will keep my mind, stayed on Him


There’s a savior with wounds you can see 
In His hands and His feet, waiting for me 
There’s a place where His glory is seen
It’s beyond my wildest dreams, waiting for me 

(I know)
You’re the God who reigns 
(I know)
You’re the God who saves
(I know) 
That You walk on waves 
(I know)
That You’ll never change 


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