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Da da da,
Da doe
Da da da
Oooooh (when I’m feelin)
Da da da (whoa)
Da da da da

When it feels that I can barely breathe
Heart is crushed inside of me
Why are you put down oh my soul?
Don’t you know that God is in control?

When I feel I’m at capacity
And it’s hard to tell others what’s happening, oh
Why do I feel so afraid
When I know that God can make-away?

Lord Please Take Over

When I’m feeling heavy
When life gets me down and I’m overwhelmed
You lift me
Lift me
I may be cast down but I’m
I’m not destroyed

No I’m not no
Thank you Lord for keeping me

No it’s not healthy
To try to carry on like you’re okay (like you’re okay)
But deep inside you just want to run away, away
Don’t you know that God can heal your pain?

The darkest of your secrets
The hurt nobody knows

God is sending relief, oh

When you’re feeling heavy
When life gets you down and you’re overwhelmed
He’s there
He is there
He’s there to answer your cry
You’re not destroyed (no no, he says to you)
You’re not destroyed (here’s a reminder)
You may be hurting
But, oh, you’re not destroyed

Anybody feel me?

(Da da da da da)

Devil, talking to ya
You tried it (tried messing with my mind)
Don’t you know (don’t you know)
You better ask someone
Who you’re messing with

I’m still standing right here

Devil, hey, oooh
You tried it
Tried, whoa

Tried to break me, and crush me and take me
Don’t you know the God that I serve

Oh it gets heavy sometimes (sometimes)
(I’m not destroyed)
Speak to my heart, speak to my body
(I’m not destroyed)
Even after everything I’ve been through
(I’m not destroyed)
I’m, I’m not, destroyed

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