AARON MOSES + DOE – Always Good: Song Session


AARON MOSES + DOE – Always Good: Song Session
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Verse 1
I know I can’t control the seasons or stop them from changing
You’re always good
And no matter how I try to make something with my own hands
In the end, your ways are always good

[Pre Chorus]
I fully surrender, I give up my right
Now I’m fully persuaded
This ain’t my life

You’ve been God for a long time, you know what you’re doing
So whatever you’re doing, I know it’s working for me
It gets real easy to complain about, what I ain’t seeing
But I gotta believe it, that it’s working for me
You won’t leave me hanging

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[Verse 2]
You’re full of faithfulness, you’re consistent
never hit and miss
You’re always good
You never lost a bet, or cards on a table
And I trust in that, you’re more than able
I know that you are always good.

[Pre Chorus][Chorus][Verse 3]
So, with my hands up and nothing left
The smoke is clear and put to rest
You’re still good
Come what will, come what may
And if the blue skies you turn to gray
I know, you’re still good

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