Cover in 5 languages of an original song of Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes & Elevation Worship (portuguese, french, english, lingala & korean)

This song really touched my heart and soul, and I hope it will bless you as well.

Numbers 6:24-26

(I recorded myself with my phone) 😅
Instrumental by Jon Mihail via @theworshipportal


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Deus te abençoe
e te guarde
Faça resplandecer
seu rosto sobre ti
Te mostre – sua graça
E te de paz

Que Dieu te bénisse
Et te garde
Que Sa face luise sur toi
et t’accorde sa grâce
Qu’Il tourne Sa – face vers toi
et te donne sa paix

A LIRE AUSSI >>  Lauren Daigle - Rescata (Lyric Video)

The Lord bless you
And keep you
Make His face shine upon you
And be gracious to you
The Lord turn His
Face toward you
And give you peace

(And we sing)
A – A – A – Amen,
A – Amen
(Sing with me)
A – A – A – Amen,
A – Amen

Nzambe a pambola yo
Pe a batela yo
Na bozalisi na ye
Pe na ngolu na ye
Mawa na ye ezala na yo
Epesa yo kimia

주 네게 복- 주시고
널 지키시-길 원하-네
그의 얼 – 굴을 비추 – 사
은혜 베 -푸시네
주의 얼-굴을 돌려 –
네게-로 향하-사 –
평 – 안 주시네-

A LIRE AUSSI >>  Guelce Holly - nou pap fonike

(And we sing)
아 – 아 – 아 – 아멘 {3x}
A – A – A – AMEN {3x}

Spirit lead me where
my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than
my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Savior

Guia-me pra que em tudo em Ti confie
Sobre as águas eu caminhe
Por onde quer que chames
Leva-me mais fundo do que já estive
Minha fé será mais forte
Senhor, em Tua presença


Senhor, em Tua presença

A – A – A – AMEN

A – A – A – AMEN

May His favour be upon you
Pour un millier de générations
In your family, and your children
Et les enfants, de leurs enfants

A LIRE AUSSI >>  Lauren Daigle, émission spéciale de Noël télévisée diffusée le 6 décembre

May His presence go before you
Na sima na yo, pene na yo
All around you, and within you
He is WITH you {2x}

He is FOR you {2x}

Il est POUR toi {2x}

É PARA ti {2x}

A za PO NA yo {2x}


Deus te abençoe
Que Dieu te bénisse
God bless you
Nzambe a pambola yo
하나님의 축복합니다

I do not own the right to this song/music
#blessings #amandamalela #amen



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