You’re Welcome In This Place (featuring Naomi Raine and Chandler Moore) written by Chandler Moore, Naomi Raine, and Alton Eugene. Captured live during a Maverick City Music song share night in Redding, CA.

Maverick City is a community of songwriters creating a space where worship expression takes precedence over proficiency. As their missions align, Maverick City Music has partnered with TRIBL to share their live videos and songs. TRIBL is an aggregator of these communities and tribes, creating a home for moments.

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You’re the King
This is your Kingdom
Jesus come
You’re the Father
This is your home
Abba Come

Pre Chorus:
If home is where the heart is
Come and dwell
Come and dwell
I will open up to you

You’re welcome in this place
You’re welcome in this place
Come and have your way with us
You’re welcome

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You’re the Spirit
We’re flesh and bone
Breathe on us
Without your presence
We are nothing
Fill us up

Now that you’re here
We have everything we need
Now that you’re here
We give everything we have



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